Our Quarterly Winners:


1st Quarter  -----  Fountainhead Sandbaggers

2nd Quarter  -----  Straight Shooters Plus One

1st Wild Card  -----  3 Queens / 1 King

3rd Quarter  -----  Bowldacious Bunch

4th Quarter  -----  Miles of Strikes

2nd Wild Card  -----  Who's Your Daddy?

Our first night of bowling is on
Sunday, Sept. the 7th @ REVS at 6 pm.
Bring a freind to try bowling out - they just might enjoy it and join our league.
You'll also get $50 in REVS money for them joining.
Bowling is $15 per week for 28 weeks.
Bowling shoe rental is available and parking is free.
Please bring $31.00 with you for a one time registration.
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